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Breathing New Life into a Sales Consulting Brand
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Business Efficacy’s brand had gotten a bit long in the tooth. Competitors had evolved, messaging became dated, the team had grown, and the website lacked responsiveness and clear calls to action. They needed a brand refresh on-par with the excellence their team delivers to their clients.
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To lay the foundation for an effective brand update, I led the BE team through a strategic exploration of today’s strengths, differentiators, goals, attributes, competitors and more. A new understanding of who their target clients are today helped me assess their needs and decision drivers, and then target messaging that positioned BE as the ideal partner for helping them achieve their sales goals.

I designed a modern and responsive website for them from the ground up–with prominent calls-to-action and trackable marketing metrics, a new design language and typography, and clearer, client-focused messaging. Now their branding is working for them rather than against them.

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