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The founder came to me with a deep pedigree in entrepreneurship, strategic thinking and executive coaching. He was on the precipice of forging a new brand based on the concept of helping owners and executives in businesses of all sizes eliminate the isolation and frustration of being a leader and gain direction and traction on bringing their visions to life. He now needed to build a brand and website that underscore his credibility, express his unique value, and inspire his quickly growing list of interested prospects.

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With a fantastic name already in hand, I started by designing logo and tagline that work hand-in-hand to encapsulate the core value his company delivers: Taking You from Chaos to Order. I then built a visual identity around those elements that authentically reflect the calming, contemporary, professional and sophisticated brand experience he provides.

With a visual foundation in place, I designed and built his website to inform and inspire his visitors and encourage them to schedule a discovery call. To optimize the user experience and maximize visitor engagement, I helped shape his web content to be interesting and informative yet skimmable. And I created a design language that allows for clear organization of content, ties current and future pages together, and sets a recognizable design style for his ongoing branding and marketing efforts.

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Logo Concept

Cothink’rs big impact comes from taking the often chaotic and unorganized thoughts swirling in the mind of a busy business owner and breathing order, confidence and clarity into them. The logo’s mark represents the before and after transition, with the left side of the “C” represent the chaotic state of thinking, and the right side representing the solidity, clarity and strength a cothink’r can bring to your vision.
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