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Crafting a Better Brand Foundation for a Fractional CFO Firm
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The team at ICS provides unique value to their clients, but they didn’t know how to articulate it in a consistent, effective way in their marketing or business development efforts. The content on the website wasn’t consistent with what they were telling prospects, and the website suffered from a dated design, confusing navigation and overly-wordy pages.
the solution
We began with a robust brand strategy phase to deeply understand the needs and motivators of their ideal clients, zero in on ICS’s unique differentiators, and put shape around their brand personality, values and voice. I leveraged that work in a platform of strategic key messaging that give them a focused “brand script” that unifies what they say on the website and what they tell prospects.Strategy and messaging come together in a modern, responsive and well-organized website that generates more conversations, elevates ICS’s value, and makes a better first impression. Whimsical illustrations perfectly reflect the personality of the team and separates their brand from a sea of bland consulting websites.
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