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Connecting a Mental Health Practitioner With Her Patients Through Branding

Dr. McKay had reached a point many solo practitioners and small business owners do: She needed to elevate her business beyond DIY branding and develop a foundation of strategy, messaging and design that reflects the same professionalism, credibility and care she puts into her practice.

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In a field where trust and emotional needs make the primary difference between which practitioner someone chooses, it was clear how important engaging, client-focused brand messaging would be to her success. We began with a thorough exploration of who she was as a practitioner and what types of clients she is ideally suited for. By also identifying her business strengths, challenges and goals, the strategic work gave us the foundation we needed for better messaging and design work.

A thoughtful brand strategy helped me crafted a platform of messaging that articulated how she was uniquely qualified and suited to bringing emotional healing to this audience. New colors, fonts, design elements and imagery were developed to appeal to her demographic and reflect the soothing feel of her practice.

Finally, I brought these elements together in a clean, informative and engaging website design that helps Dr. McKay build trust, engage clients, and enhance her practice for years to come. 

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