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As a relatively new solo business, the owner never had the time or opportunity to build a solid, consistent or professional brand foundation. He was searching for a way to build credibility and deepen engagement with new clients. His name, Integrated Health Services, was vague, his identity lacked polish and consistency, and his website didn’t help people understand his business or his value.

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On a foundation of solid brand thinking, we chose a new name that was more descriptive of his business and leveraged his name recognition. New brand messaging positions him better against competitors and educates clients on this relatively new field. Next, I created a new logo and identity system with a fresh palette and clean elements, creating a consistent brand language he could carry through all of his branding and marketing efforts.

Finally, I brought strategy, messaging and design together to create a modern, attractive and easy-to-navigate website that helped him clearly and effectively talk about his practice and get families excited about what he was able to do for their health.

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Logo Concept

The owner addresses his clients’ health needs by getting to the root cause of their issues, and solving them with all-natural methods and supplements. It seemed only “natural” to reflect that in the symbology of the logo, while supporting name recognition through the stylized “M.” The design is clear and no-nonsense­—like the owner himself.


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