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Full Brand Development for Corporate Communications Startup
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The owner was striking out on her own after leaving a 20-year corporate communications career. As a new start-up, she want to separate herself from competitors right out of the gate with branding that communicated credibility, professionalism and personality.
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A thorough brand strategy phase revealed how the owner perfectly blended approachability, whimsy, professionalism and deep experience. As a new business, I wanted to ensure that her identity would help her stand out from other consultants, and establish her position as the “human survival kit” for corporate communications departments.Her new eye-catching identity sparks conversations and attention to this day, and it set the table for a truly unique brand presence. Fresh messaging brings her unique value to the forefront, and it’s all wrapped in dynamic and warm website and collateral designs that strongly reinforces her brand concept.
Brand Strategy
Logo & Identity
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Logo Concept

The Pup Tent name is meant to communicate that the owner provides “shelter from the storm” of corporate crises and understaffed communications departments. This weathered design subtly blends in the “talk bubble” to add context around her role. And it whimsically features Gretchen’s original inspiration—her yellow lab.
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