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Complete Brand Development for a Local Accounts Receivable Collections Startup
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After decades of lending their respective talents to other firms who follow traditional models of accounts receivable collections, the founders of The Collection Dept. struck out on their own to offer an uncommonly flexible and client-centric approach. As a new business, they needed a brand that was strategically sound, visually engaging, and authentically expressed.

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I began by thoroughly exploring the competitive landscape and developing a brand strategy that would effectively separate them from competitors out of the gate. I identified strong points of differentiation among their competitors—flexible contracts, cost-effective flat rate fees, and their unique “train & transition” model. A new platform of brand messaging would help them articulate that unique value via the website, proposals and in-person communications.

Their new name—The Collection Dept.— wraps a persona around the brand and positions them as a go-to member of their clients team. A clean and modern logo brings to life the concept of “moving cash flow in the right direction,” and a system of vibrant colors, type, and design elements perfectly reflect the energy, approachability and professionalism of the experience they give clients.

Being a new business, they wanted to establish a web presence as soon as possible, while building the site for easy expansion and evolution as their business grows. For the launch, I built a solid framework of core pages to introduce prospects to the company and its unique value, and then created a series of expandable templates on the back-end for easier creation of new pages, blog posts and deeper content. With strategy, messaging, identity and a website in-hand, they were ready to engage and delight their ideal clients.

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Logo Concept

As an accounts receivable collections company, their primary goal is to “get your cash flow moving in the right direction.” To reflect that goal, the logomark is an abstract symbol of a folded dollar bill forming an arrow that points back toward the client—just where they want the revenue going.
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